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Complete Paper Mill With: (3) Paper Machines With On Machine Coaters

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Auction Type: Live Webcast Auction

West Linn, OR, 97068, USA

Auction Date & Time: June 20, 2019 at 08:00 AM PST
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158" (4.00M) BELOIT FOURDRINIER PAPER MACHINE 250- 350 TPD REBUILT 2001, 160" VOITH MASTER JET F DILUTION HEADBOX W/FOURDRINIER TABLE, (3) PRESS SECTIONS 750 PSI, (33) 60" DIAMETER DRYER CANS, (2) ROLL KUSTER CALANDER STACK, (2) WARTSILA COATERS, (2) IR BURNERS, BLACK CLAWSON HORIZONTAL REEL TO SUPERCALENDERS / WINDERS Basis Weights Range From 45 To 80 Lb (Per 3300 Sq Ft.), Coat Weights Range From 2.5 To 24 Lbs, Depending On Grade, Speeds Range From 1400 Ft/Min To 2000 Ft/Min, Depending On Grade. Voith Sulzer Primary Multi-Screen With Black Clawson P12 Secondary Screen With Voith Size 0 Mini Sorter. Five Stage GL & V 700 Centrifugal System. Voith MSA 15/15 Primary Screen And BC 24P Secondary Screen. Wet End Controlled By ABB And Delta V DCS System. 159.7" Pond Width And 63 Zone Dilution Profiling. Suction Pick Up. Press 1 And 2 Rated 350 PLI And 3rd Press Rated 750 PLI. Two Trailing Blade Coaters With IR Burners After Each Station And Overly Dryers. Wartsila Horizontal Track Reel. Vacuum Pumps Installed In 2006.

155" (3.90M) BELOIT FOURDRINIER PAPER MACHINE 300 - 410 TPD, 155" ESCHER WYSS SEW STEP DIFFUSER HEADBOX W/FOURDRINIER TABLE, (2) PRESS SECTIONS 600 PLI, 35 CAN DRYER SECTION (48" DIAMETER), PAPERCHINE COATING SYSTEM (2017), SPOONER AIR DRYER, ABB SCANNERS, BELOIT REEL TO SUPERCALENDERS / WINDERS Basis Weight Ranges From 70 To 148 Lb (Per 3300 Sq Ft) Speeds Range From 850 Ft/Min. To 1725 Ft/Min,Depending On Grade,Produced Standard Offset C2S Grades, Plus C1S, Fragrance And Playing Card Turbine Driven Line Shaft And Sectional Drives. (3) Black Clawson Slotted Screens. Five Stage GL & V Cleaner System. (3) Stage Voith Screens For Thin Screening. Sultzer Esher Wyss Step Diffuser Headbox With Devron CD Actuators. Two Straight Through Presses With 260 PLI And 600 PLI Respectfully, Crown Control Roll Installed 2011 On The 2nd Press. Smoothing Press After Second Press. Esher Wyss Nipco Calendar Stack. Paperchine RMSP Is Used As A Precoater For All Grades (Installed 2005). Spooner Air Dryer. Voith Jet Flow Coating Heads Installed In 2015. Paperchine 12 Camera Webvision System Installed 2017, Beloit Horizontal Track Reel With Turn Up System.

161" (4.10M) BELOIT FOURDRINIER PAPER MACHINE 130 - 350 TPD, 161" GL&V DILUTION HEADBOX W/FOURDRINIER TABLE (INSTALLED 2016), (2) BELOIT PRESS SECTIONS 350 PLI, 29 CAN DRYER SECTION 60" DIAMETER, RICE BARTON & BELOIT COATING, BLACK CLAWSON AUTOFLYTE REEL TO SUPERCALENDERS/WINDERS Runs Standard Offset C2S Grades, Plus C1S, Inkjet, OGR And Wet Strength, Basis Weight Ranges From 22 To 80 Lb (Per 3300 Sq Ft.), With A Sweet Spot In The 45-60 Lb Range, Produces 120 Grades With Book Matte, Dull, Dull-SG, Gloss, Matte, Smooth & Wove Finishes. From 130 To 350 Tons Per Day At The Reel, Coat Weights Range From 2 To 19lbs, Depending On Grade, Speeds Range From 1400 Ft/Min To 2100 Ft/Min. (2) Fan Pump Stock Approach System. GL & V M-50 Primary Screen And One Black Clawson 12P Secondary Screen. Four Stage GL & V 700 Centrifugal System. GL & V Dilution Headbox With BTF Central Distributor. Factory Rebuilt And Installed In 2016. 164.44" Pond Width With 48 Dilution Zones. 169" Fourdrinier With (8) Multiple-Foil Drainage Units. (5) 9-Foil Gravity Boxes. (4) Vacuum Flat Boxes With AES Flat Box Vacuum Control System. ABB And Delta V DCS Control For The Machine And Wet End. Beloit Twin Press Section With Suction Pick Up. Voith Sulzer Nipco Calender Stack With 6 Zone Control. Two (2) Trailing Blade Coater Stations With (1) Infrared Burner Following Each Blade. Cross-Machine Profile Control. Papertech Webvision System With 10 Cameras Installed In 2017.

• 171" (4.34m) Escher Wyss 2-Roll Calendar Stack, 800 PLI
• 196" (4.97m) Farrell 2-Roll Calendar Stack, 1,000 PLI

• Lamb-Grey's Harbor Co. Roll Wrap System (Rated 1000 Rolls Per Day), 72" Maximum Width X 50" Maximum Diameter With Tuff Automation Roll Upender (2012)
• (4) Sauant Automatic Guided Vehicle, AGV'S Roll Transport System
• 65" Maxson MSL Sheeter, Roll Stand With Edge Guide, Tidland Slitting Section, 11" Knife Cylinder, Auto Squaring, Dual Motor Drive, 15"– 50" Sheet Length's

• (5) 26" Sprout-Bauer Twin-Flo Refiners (400HP)
• (2) 34" Sprout-Bauer Twin-Flo Refiners (1250HP)
• 34" Sprout-Beuer Twin-Flo Refiner (800HP)
• Black Clawson & James Brinkley Roll Splitters
• Bauer Hydrasieves
• AES Gravity Strainers
• GL&V Cleaning Banks
• Voith Multiscreen
• Bolton Emerson Continuous Tornado Pulper 400HP
• (2) Morden Continuous Extractors 350HP
• (2) Black Clawson Deflakers
• Numerous Coating & Stainless-Steel Storage Tanks
• Fully Automated ABB DCS Controls
• Poseidon DAF Clarifier

• Over 100 Full Stanley-Vidmar Spares Cabinets
• Overhead Bridge Crane Systems
• Upgraded MCC Rooms
• 100's Of Spare Motors & Pumps
• Welders, Power Tools, Hand Tools
• Lab: Testing, Balancing, Metering Equipment
• Spare Bearing
• Spare Nozzles
• Spare Transmitters
• Spare Wire Lots
• Spare Drives
• Spare Rolls

• 15,000 Lb. Cap. CAT Forklift
• 12,000 Lb. Cap. Hyster Paper Roll Clamp Trucks
• 9,000 Lb. Cap. Roll Clamp Truck
• 7,000 Lb. Cap. Hyster Forklifts
• Yale Roll Clamp Truck
• 4-Ton & 9-Ton Broderson Cranes
• 4,000 Lb. Cap. Long Cart
• Industrial Cart
• United Rentals Scissor Lift
• Tennant Floor Sweeper
• 72" Cascade Clamp
• Cascade Paper Roll Clamp Attachments

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